55th ASHE Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition 2017
July 15-18, 2018 | Seattle, WA
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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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We can all agree that the current health care system in the United States is nowhere near perfect – but if you could only change one thing, what would it be? Several ASHE Annual Conference speakers.

Paul Keckley

"In an ideal world, individuals would be more knowledgeable about their care and its costs, and be capable of discerning the optimal result in each decision they make. But that's the ideal world. The reality is consumers are easily misled and not actively engaged as informed users."

-    2017 KEYONTE SPEAKER, Paul H. Keckley, PhD.
Managing Editor, The Keckley Report

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Chad Beebe

"Hospitals would be able to accommodate technology and improve outcomes to do what is good for the patient without bureaucratic hurdles."

-    Chad E. Beebe, AIA, CHFM, CFPS, CBO, FASHE
Deputy Executive Director of Advocacy, American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE)

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George Mills

"Two concerns are on my radar: first the aging infrastructure of our hospitals, and secondly the lack of compliance with hand hygiene. The physical environment is heavily dependent on the reliability of our equipment to perform as expected, and yet some of our systems struggle to maintain calibration and deliver the expected output. Hand hygiene seems such a simple solution in helping reduce hospital acquired infections, however we continue to hear of staff not taking the time to perform hand hygiene."

-    George Mills, MBA, FASHE, CEM, CHFM, CHSP
Director of Engineering, Department of Engineering, Joint Commission

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Dana Swenson

"Facilities Management is viewed as an integral part of the caregiving team– participating in strategic planning, stewardship of the built environment, LEAN and process improvement leaders, providing a caring environment for our patients and colleagues–and not simply a cost-center."

-    Dana E. Swenson, PE, MBA, SASHE
Senior Vice President & Chief Facilities, UMass Memorial Health Care, Inc.

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What is the one thing you would change about our current health care system? Tweet at us (@ASHEAHA) with the hashtag #ASHEAnnual and let us know!

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