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Thursday, May 18, 2017

As a health care facility manager, you may find yourself wearing many hats. When taking on additional roles and responsibilities in the health care environment, it may become increasingly important to validate your expertise and credibility related to the job.

1. You will distinguish yourself as having expertise in a health care setting.
The health care environment is nuanced. That's why health care facility managers with their CHFM certification experience the value of being viewed as a credible resource for maintaining and managing hospitals and other models of the care environment. CHFM certification holders prove they have foundational knowledge of health care codes and standards, managing health facility finances, and overseeing health facility operations efficiently. Watch the video above to hear from your peers who have earned their CHFM.

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2. You could increase your salary potential.
Earning a certification in your field can pay off – especially if you're working in the health care field. According to a study by Georgetown University's Center of Education and the Workforce, earning a certification in the health care field is more likely to lead to a salary increase. That proves true for health care facility managers with a CHFM certification. A 2015 salary survey reports health care facility managers with a CHFM certification earn an extra $22,000 per year on average ($110,585 compared to $88,389 on average).

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3. You may experience more job opportunities.
While only 5 percent of organizations require health care facility managers to hold certifications, the majority of healthcare human resource managers and directors (86 percent) take a closer look at employees with certifications. When asked, many human resources and facility management directors specifically look to hire candidates with their CHFM. Sandy McCurdy, Sodexo's Northeast health care facilities management district manager, places high value on a CHFM certification. "When I look for new directors of engineering or ops managers, I look for CHFM," she said. "I think it's really important and think it shows you have the core competencies to do the job. When I see that, I know right away that I have a qualified candidate and it's a person I'm immediately interested in speaking to."

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4. You will feel confident and engaged in your role.
A little confidence can make all the difference. In fact, 90 percent of those who hold a certification (like the CHFM) through the American Hospital Association say it's a valued achievement in their career. Plus, employees who are more confident in achieving their work goals are 83 percent more likely to be engaged on the job, which correlates to greater job satisfaction.

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5. You will set a standard of excellence for your organization.
Hospitals and health systems are taking steps to involve all staff, including health care facility managers, in patient experience improvement efforts. With the concept of quality on the minds of many health care administrators, holding a CHFM certification means setting an example of leadership and excellence for your organization. The CHFM certification conveys a mark of quality, commitment, and expertise in the health care field. A CHFM will simply establish yourself as a credible leader among the entire health care team.

While there are several routes you can take to prepare for getting your CHFM certification, you may find an in-person course to be most helpful. ASHE will be offering the CHFM Exam Review Program as a preconference course during its ASHE Annual Conference in Indianapolis on Sunday, August 6. You will have the opportunity to take the CHFM exam that same week on Wednesday, August 9. Applications for the onsite CHFM exam must be submitted to the American Hospital Association's Certification Center by July 12. Those who pass the CHFM exam at the conference can earn up to 2.05 CEUs (20.5 contact hours) applied as credit toward certification renewal by attending the ASHE Annual Conference.

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