ASHE Advocacy: Our efforts make a difference for hospitals

Keeping hospitals in compliance with codes and standards is a key responsibility of many ASHE members, including those involved in the design and construction of health care facilities as well as those who handle operations and f acility management. Codes and standards help keep facilities safe, but conflicting, outdated, and unnecessary codes divert scarce hospital resources away from patient care.

All ASHE members—as well as hospital staff members, patients, and visitors—can benefit from better codes and standards regulating health care facilities. ASHE’s advocacy team works for improved regulations by serving on various code committees and panels, building relationships with regulators, and working with local advocacy liaisons in ASHE affiliated chapters around the country. The advocacy team also keeps ASHE’s 12,000 members informed about the latest regulatory news, including new requirements affecting hospitals and decisions by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

ASHE encourages members to get involved with advocacy efforts, which can provide real value for health care facilities. Involvement can range from simply alerting ASHE to a problem affecting your hospital to serving on code development committees. ASHE wants to hear from you. For more information, contact a member of ASHE’s advocacy team or talk to your local ASHE chapter’s advocacy liaison.